Add-On Coop Options

Please Note: This page is not complete. We are in the process of adding photos of all our current options, but until then, you can view our total options listed at the bottom of every product page. 

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  • Power, Lights, and Timers
  • Automatic Chicken Doors
  • Safety 
  • Warmth 
  • Easy Cleaning

Electric Package w/Switch

 This option comes with 1 light with an on/off switch, and 1 outlet. Additional lights, switches, and outlets can be added. To use your electric package, all you will need is an extension cord run out to your coop. Plug it in with the male plug, located just under the roof overhang, along the back of your coop. 

Electric Package w/ Timer

Just like the Electric Package w/ Switch, this option provides your coop with 1 light with an on/off switch, and 1 outlet. However, you also get a timer, to easily control when your light shuts on and off. This allows total control on the egg laying hours for your chickens, especially in the winter. Additional lights and outlets can be added.

 To use your electric package, all you will need is an extension cord run out to your coop. Plug it in with the male plug, located just under the roof overhang, along the back of your coop.

Solar Lights

The solar light can be purchased with a switch or timer. A solar panel is set on whichever side of the roof you choose, and with adequate sun exposure, will help egg production during the winter months. 

SmartCoop Auto Door Features

• Timer – Open/Close 

 • Manual – Open/Close– Very easy to adjust open/close times 

 • LED control panel lets you choose timer or manual open/close 

 • Door is opened and closed with an actuator = no more strings getting tangled and torn 

 • Built-in sensor so that if a chicken is in the doorway when it is closing, the door will stop and reopen. It will automatically attempt to close up to 2 times before staying in the open position. 

 • Smart Coop Auto Door’s features control panel has internal memory to store settings in case of power loss.

• 110V electric (adapter included w/36” cord) 

 • Solar kit (sold separately) 

 • 12 Volt battery (battery not included) – Cord for 12V battery sold separately– Power draw per day is 2.5 AHR ex: a 12V 10 amp hr battery will last approx. 4 Days

• Heavy-duty poly/aluminum construction door is water-resistant, will not rot or warp

Wire over Windows

Opening the windows on your coop can create perfect cross ventilation but if you have some common predators, like raccoons or foxes, you could be putting your chickens at risk. Adding wire over your windows ensures a completely safe enclosure, all year long.

1/2" x 1/2" Wire on Run 

Specifically for Combination Coops or Separate Runs, our 1/2" galvanized wire will keep even the smallest, slippery critters away from your girls! Standardly enclosed with 1x2" wire, upgrade to the 1/2" and you'll be making sure your hens are happy and safe. 

Wire Apron or Wire under Run

We realized that every chicken owner is different, with different safety needs. That's why we offer 2 different options to help keep your 

Heavy Duty Nesting Box Latches 

Last, but definitely not least, is our latches. While the nesting box lid on the Quaker, Combination, and Dutch coops, are quite sturdy and heavy, we've found that clever predators, especially raccoons, have figured out how to open it. With the Heavy Duty Nesting Box Latches, you can be sure nothing but a human will be able to unlatch and lift the lid. 

Insulated Ceiling

Love the shingled roof but looking to keep your chickens a little toastier in the winter? Upgrade to the Insulated Ceiling (for shingles only). 

Insulated Metal Roof

Like a more modern look to your coop? Upgrade from shingles to an insulated metal roof. With a 40 yr manufacturers warranty, your coop will stand the test of time. 

Heated Roosts

Sometimes all you need is to warm your feet! That's what the heated roosts is for. When temps drop below 35 degrees inside your coop, they come on to keep your chickens toasty from the bottom up! 

*Electric Package Required. See Power, Lights, and Timers.

Space Heater and Safety Shelf

No matter where you're located, there are going to be those extra cold winter hours and you don't want to be up all night wondering if your girls are freezing their feathers off! Nobody likes chicken popsicles, so help maintain a comfortable temperature in your coop. The safety shelf ensures your heater is tucked away but just in case, our space heaters have a tip-over function that shuts them off automatically.

Epoxy Floor

A smooth finish that will protect your coop floor from rough messy hens. Easy to rinse off and wipe down, this is our most popular and most recommended option. You won't regret it! 

Clean-Out Lid

Along the back of your coop, 1-2 lids will open to allow clear access to the floor of your coop. From there you can sweep or rake any litter out of your coop. Sturdy latches are set in place to hold the lid open while you clean. 

Litter Trays 

It's a proven fact that chickens make the most mess while sitting on their roosting bars. We've figured out a way to keep roosting bar ruckus to a minimum with these easy cleaning. poly litter trays. Set right underneath the roosting bars for maximum collection, they slide out the back of your coop through a lid. Pop the wire top off and quickly dump out the mess. Rinse, replace, repeat! 

Double Clean-Out w/ Litter Trays

Looking for the most efficient cleaning set-up? Definitely take a look at the Double Clean-Out. Both the Clean-Out Lid and Litter Trays are included. 

Finished Interior/Ceiling

Look no further for the easiest way to clean your entire coop! Water-tight, sealed poly siding is added to the walls and/or ceiling, nesting boxes, and roosting bars, allowing you to power-wash your coop clean. 

A little too much? Ask us about our 2' high poly option instead!

Poly Nesting Box Dividers

Protect your dividers with our easy to clean poly. Water tight and removable, just wipe down your dividers and your hens will thank you for a clean nesting place. 

Deep Litter System

If you are familiar with the Deep Litter Method or would like to start using this method, then this is the perfect add-on for you! A 12" deep, poly lined floor will ensure plenty of space to start piling on the litter. And when it's finally time to clean it all out, the gable end clean-out lid gives you just enough of an opening to clear out the litter. The non-closing ridge vent provides continuous ventilation. However, please note, this option is recommended for warm weather climates, due to the constant ventilation. 

Combo Run Clean-Out

Purchasing the all-in-one Combination Coop is exciting, but don't forget, chickens love shady areas! They will crawl underneath the house, pooping along the way, and even laying the occasional egg or two. With the Combo Run Clean-out, you can easily reach under the house, and rake anything out. 


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